KARA To Perform At Tokyo Dome

Awesome news today with the announcement that K-Pop girl group, KARA, have been signed to perform at Tokyo Dome. This means that KARA is the first girl group to be signed to perform a concert at the famous hall. Yesterday, the girls announced that they would be undertaking their ‘2012 Sigma Festival in Okinawa‘ with the concert at Tokyo Dome to take place on January 6th.

KARA have only been making inroads into the highly competitive Japanese market for just under 3 years so it’s quite a coup to snag the Done which houses 50,000 people and also has the reputation of  being the place that a large number of Japanese artists aspire to perform at. Previously, the only other K-Pop artists to perform at the venue have been Bigbang, TVXQ! and Rain, all of them being male artists.

Coincidentally, KARA are also in Japan right now in the middle of promotions for their next track, ‘Electric Boy’ after wrapping up promotions in Korea for ‘Pandora‘, their comeback single.

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