Team Shuffle For AKB48

November sees a few changes for Japanese girl group, AKB48, with the re-shuffle of some of the three remaining teams. The reason for the change is the dissolving of the fourth team which changes on November 1st. The news was broken recently during a meet and greet that AKB48 had with fans on October 7th at the Iwate Sangyou Bunka Center.

This means that AKB reverts back to Team A, Team K and Team B, they also revealed that the three remaining teams will be taking turns performing at their AKB48 Theater, situated in Akihabara, in a show called ‘Waiting Performance.’ The set list for this show will be selected from AKB48’s songs while each team will contain 22-23 members and 16 will be taking part in the performance.

The breakdown for the shows will be as follows: Team B on the 22/11, Team K on the 24/11, Team 4 on the 25/11 and Team A on the 29/11.

The General Manager of the AKB48 teams put out a message to all their fans, “Please look forward to the development of the new teams.

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