Wonder Girls Release Compilation In Japan

Wonder Girls Release Compilation In Japan

Korean girl group, Wonder Girls, are set to continue making waves in Japan with the upcoming release of their compilation album, ‘WONDER BEST KOREA/U.S.A/JAPAN 2007-2012‘, in Japan.

The tracklist sounds off with some of the tracks that have given the Winder Girls the exposure that they richly deserve. You’ll be able to find the Japanese version of ‘Be My Baby’ along with a new song called, ‘Wonder Love.’ Brand new 2012 versions of ‘So Hot, ‘Tell Me’, ‘Irony’ and ‘Nobody’ will all be included. Recent hits ‘Like This’ and collaboration with U.S. superstar, Akon, ‘Like Money’ are also included.

You’ll be able to find the complete track listing below.

01. Irony (2012 ver.)
02. Tell Me (2012 ver.)
03. So Hot (2012 ver.)
04. Nobody (2012 Korean ver.)
05. 2 Different Tears (Korean ver.)
06. G.N.O
07. Be My Baby
08. Girls Girls
09. Me, in
10. R.E.A.L
11. Like this
12. Saying I Love You (2012 ver.)

01. Wonder Love (Japanese ver.)
02. Be My Baby (Japanese ver.)
03. Nobody (Japanese ver.)
04. Tell Me (2012 English ver.)
05. So Hot (2012 English ver.)
06. Nobody (2012 English ver.)
07. 2 Different Tears (English ver.)
08. Nu Shoes
09. The DJ Is Mine
10. Like Money feat. Akon
11. Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix)
12. 2 Different Tears Remix

DISC 3 (For Album+DVD Version Only)
01. Nobody (Japanese ver.)
02. Be My Baby
03. 2 Different Tears
04. Like this
05. Premier Live at COTTON CLUB DIGEST
06. JYP NATION in Japan 2011 DIGEST
07. Making of ‘Nobody For Everybody’

Keep an eye out for this one in stores on November 11.

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