Two Retail Games Go Digital For Japan Eshop

Two Retail Games Go Digital For Japan Eshop

Japan will soon see its two first 3rd party games to make a digital appearance for download on the Nintebdo 3DS eShop. That honour will go to Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 2nd and AKB48+Me. The games will be making their appearance on October 25th with AKB48+Me also appearing on store shelves. Samurai Warriors is already on store shelves releasing back on September 13.

You’ll want to make sure you have some space on your memory card or lash out for a larger one as Samurai Warriors is reportedly 1.75GB in size. Another point of interest is that this game will cost you ¥6,090 at retail while the download version will cost ¥5,400. This is actually the the first game that is cheaper as a download version as opposed to the physical copy.

Tecmo Koei have also announced that there will be a downloadable patch on October 16 which will fix some bugs and also add a new easy mode to the game.

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