Darkstalkers Resurrection To Release In Japan

Darkstalkers Resurrection To Release In Japan

Surprisingly, there have been a few games that actually haven’t made the cut and been released in Japan. Games from Capcom such as Super Street Fighter II HD Remix and Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins both missed out on a Japanese release.

Great news then to hear that Darkstalkers Resurrection will be seeing a release, retitled as Vampire Resurrection, to this end a teaser site has been opened which you can check out here. This Resurrection title is a compilation title consisting of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge, Darkstalkers 3 with bonus HD filters applied, YouTube sharing, tutorial mode, GGPO network code and a whole swathe of unlockable bonus artwork to discover.

Look for it in early 2013 available on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

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