Victoria’s Secret Infringes Evangelion Suit

Victoria’s Secret Infringes Evangelion Suit

Lingerie brand house, Victoria’s Secret, held a fashion last week with a surprise addition that caught many people off guard. During the show, model Jourdan Dunn, took to the catwalk in a suit that look like it took all kinds of inspiration from the Eva suits as worn in cult classic anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Evangelion production studio, Gainax, was immediately asked for their thoughts on this and whether or not the suit had been officially sanctioned by them. They responded that they had no idea and they definitely didn’t authorise the reproduction of the suit. At least the suit was based on Japandaman’s favourite NGE character, Rei Ayanami.

J-Cast, the Japanese entertainment portal, approached Gainax asking if it was a tie in for the third Evangelion movie, You Can (Not) Redo, to which they replied that it wasn’t. In fact, Gainax was alerted to this event via the internet at the same time as everyone else. No word as yet as to the action that Gainax will be taking seeing as they are extremely protective of their NGE franchise considering that the series reaps in millions of dollars annually for them.

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Hopefully we’ll hear more of this in the near future especially the actions, if any, that Gainax takes. And yes, that is Justin Bieber performing on stage.

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