Heroes Show Up To Japan’s Tsunami Coast Area

Heroes Show Up To Japan’s Tsunami Coast Area

Shotaro Ishinomori is a famed pioneer in the area of manga, anime and tokusatsu who had a museum erected in his honour back in 2001. Unfortunately, during the devastation of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami of March 2011, the Shotaro Ishinomori Mangattan Museum, suffered extensive damage as did the nearby surrounding structures.


Recently, a new Tōhoku Revival video was posted which outlines the efforts made to rebuild and restore the building and neighbourhood. A re-opening ceremony was held on November 17 to mark the occasion and while the museum will be temporarily closed from February 12 to March 22, there will be a renewal exhibit which will commence from March 23rd.

Shotaro Ishinomori was also posthumously admitted to the Guinness World Records in 2008 for having the most comics, which also counts manga, by one author totalling over 128,000 pages. His influence in this area has also helped the field of tokusatsu, which is the live action genre, such as Kamen Rider (a Japandaman favourite!) and Super Sentai, later known as the Power Rangers series.

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