Transforming Robots. In Japan. They’re Real.

Remember growing up with Hasbro’s Transformer’s toys and then in later years seeing the movies in the cinema and thinking you wouldn’t mind having your very own Bumblebee?

Well, we’re not quite there yet but thanks to a Japanese company called Brave Robotics, reality has become one step closer in the form of a transforming remote controlled car. The car changes to a robot, capable of walking around, and back again at the flick of a switch. The robot is called the Transform Robot and comes equipped with a wifi camera so you can see what it can see using an iPad or similar device. You can see it in action below but before you add it to your Xmas Wish List, be prepared for the absolutely extreme steep price.

The Transform Robot in action.

Transform Robot demonstration at a fair in Tokyo.

The cost of this wunder toy? A cool, and at the same time staggering, $24,000! Donald Trump, your latest gadget has arrived.

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