Man Caught Taping Nanoha A In Cinema

Man Caught Taping Nanoha A In Cinema

In an ironic twist, a 38 year old police sergeant from the Express Way Traffic Police Unit Highway was arrested by the FukushimaPrefectural police. The arrest occurred after he was suspected of recording the anime movie, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A, not once, not twice but three times!


The police sergeant had on his person a portable music player along with a digital camera when he went along to see the movie at Fukushima City and Sendai City in both July and August this year. It was the staff in the Fukushima cinema who first suspected something wasn’t quite right on August 23rd. They confiscated his equipment and reported the incident to the Kufkushima Police.

In response to the allegations, the police sergeant at the centre of the incident had the following to say, “I recorded it only to watch at my home. Without much thought, I believed it won’t bother anyone.”

As a result of his actions, the Fukushima police docked his pay for the month by 10%.

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