Nintendo Executive’s Wife Switches To Wii U Gamepad

Nintendo Executive’s Wife Switches To Wii U Gamepad

Head of Nintendo Europe, Satoru Shibata, has recently revealed that he convinced his wife to try out the Wii U Gamepad when she was unable to purchase an iPad.

It came about because she wanted a tablet device to browse the internet however when iPads were sold out in different stores, he asked her to try browsing the net on the Wii U Gamepad.

“Until recently, my wife did not want to try out the GamePad. But there has been a change lately and she began using the Internet browser on the GamePad. Actually, we went to buy a certain tablet one weekend, but what we wanted was sold out everywhere, so we gave up on getting one. Back home, I said, “Why don’t we try using the GamePad instead?”. I let my wife manoeuvre the GamePad and because she picked it up so effortlessly, I ended up having to watch Nintendo Direct on December 5th on the TV in our living room with her.”

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