What Inspires Shigeru Miyamoto

What Inspires Shigeru Miyamoto

UK publication, GamesMaster, was recently fortunate enough to spend some sit down time with legendary Nintendo game designer and character inventor, Shigeru Miyamoto. The topic on the conversation was what inspires Miyamoto to create games and continue being a front runner in the world of video games.

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As an example, the original concept for the Wii was the notion of families spending time together in the living room where a lot families seem to congregate and gather. “Shiggy” had the following comment to make on what makes him tick and drives his creative juices.

“I can take a look around at anything which is happening around me or around the world and sometimes I can notice that for this particular thing, even though it is one of the very ordinary things surrounding us, if we can apply an interactive nature or game technology to that, it’s going to be something very unique. That’s going to be something that people will enjoy.”

“In the case of the Nintendo DS, you can bring the Nintendo DS anywhere, that’s why I was able to think in terms of how it could be used at the museum, for example. And in the case of Wii, Wii is supposed to be inside the house, most often in the living room where families get together, I always thought in terms of how it could expand the joy inside of the living room.”


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