Kotibukiya Akihabara Displays New Exhibition

Kotibukiya Akihabara Displays New Exhibition

During the festive season of Christmas and New Year’s, it’s quite common for stores in the Akihabara area, catering to Otakus, to display new exhibitions highlighting popular animes for the many fans they have. Stores such as Kotobukiya, Gamers and Animate all take part in this practice.

Kotobukiya Akihabara decided to highlight one of the hits shows from 2012, Sword Art Online, by taking over the 5th floor of the store and decking it out in SAO paraphernalia. The exhibition ran from December 22nd to the 31st and featured many production materials ranging from story boards, key frames from the series and reference sheets for the show characters. There were over 200 different items on display, some of which you can check out in the gallery below.

[AFG_gallery id=’190′]

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