Upcoming Anime Draws Parallels With Japan Earthquake

Upcoming Anime Draws Parallels With Japan Earthquake

In an eerie bit of anime news, anime Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, which released back in 2009 will be seeing a release outside of Japan. Despite claiming the Excellence Prize in the Animation category at Japan’s Media Arts Festival in 2009, many thought that the anime wouldn’t be licensed following the devastating earthquake Japan suffered back in March 2011.

Maiden Japan has managed to secure the rights and will be releasing the anime through the distribution partner, Section23, on Blu-Ray, bilingual English DVD and other digital formats on April 2nd 2013. The show is being directed by Masaki Tachibana (.hack//Quantum) while the series composition is being handled by Natsuko Takahashi (07-Ghost), Atsuko Nozaki (The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky) is looking after character designs. Sound direction is in the hands of Kazuya Tanaka (High School of the Dead) with the music provided by Ko Otani (Hakuoki).

The following description of the anime has been provided by Maiden Japan:

The devastation is unleashed in the span of seconds.  Yielding to centuries of unrelenting pressure, an ancient rift in the Earth gives way and a force equivalent to over a thousand atomic bombs erupts beneath the feet of the citizens of the world’s largest mega-cities!  For the people of the greater Tokyo area, the results are catastrophic as even “earthquake-proof” buildings sway like weeds in the wind, gas mains rip open in gouts of flame and huge sections of the city’s vital infrastructure are torn into shreds.  For sister and brother Mirai and Yuki who were caught in the earthquake while in Odaiba during summer holiday, it’s the start of a desperate journey back to their parent’s home in Setagaya.  For motorcycle courier Mari, it means an equally frantic battle towards Sangenjaya and her own daughter and mother.  Joining together in an epic odyssey through the mangled streets, these three must brave impossible obstacles and endure unspeakable hardships and heartbreak, with no way of knowing if their loved ones are even still alive.  But they’ve no other choice!  In the aftermath of nature’s fury, only the strongest of will and most courageous of heart can hope to survive in TOKYO MAGNITUDE 8.0!

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