Black Butler Live Action Goes Ahead

Black Butler Live Action Goes Ahead

Hiro Mizushima, seen in Kamen Rider Kabuto, is a Japanese actor, model and writer who has just been signed on to play the lead in popular manga from Yana Toboso, Black Butler.

black butler live action

The film will have two directors in the form of Keiichi Satou (Tiger & Bunny) and Kentaro Otani (live action NANA). Black Butler the movie, will be focussed on what the demonic butler is doing 130 years following the events of the anime/manga.

Mishuzima san parted ways with his talent agency, Ken-On, back in September 2010 in order to focus his attention oc creating his own independent talent agency, A stAtion. Shortly after that, he won the 5th Poplar Publishing Grand Prize for Fiction which came with a cash prize of 20 million yen for the debut piece called Kagerou.

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