Metal Gear Rising VR Missions PS3 Exclusive

Metal Gear Rising VR Missions PS3 Exclusive

Waiting for the release of Metal Gear Rising, played the demo to death and want more news on this eagerly anticipated title? How about the news that the VR missions that serve as a neat little bonus are exclusive to the PS3 version only.

Just like in the style of the VR missions for the original Metal Gear Solid way back when on the PS1, these missions get you ready for the long adventure ahead. They’ll cover stealth, combat training, a nice touch of tactical manoeuvring plus loads more. More exciting, the VR missions will allow you to take control and handle the mech known as the Dwarf Gecko.

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At 30 missions long, there’ll be heaps to keep you busy if you intend to make it through Rising in one piece.

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