xxxHOLiC Goes Live Action

xxxHOLiC Goes Live Action

Another anime/manga that’s extremely popular in Japan and for Otaku’s everywhere is xxxHOLiC, February is a huge month for the series with CLAMP manga making a comeback with xxxHOLiC Rei and news of a live action series which will premiere on the 24 of February.

Each episode in the series will run for 50 minutes with the dimensional witch Yuuko being portrayed by actress and model, Anne, while Shota Sometani will bring life to Watanuki, the teen who has the ability to see spirits. The rest of the cast is rounded out by Masahiro Higashide acting as sometime friend/sometime rival, Doumeki Shizuka while Karen Miyazaki takes on the role of  Kunogi Himawari.

Here’s a TV spot for the live action and the re-run of the anime.

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