Japanese Travel Agent Specialises In Cosplay

Japanese Travel Agent Specialises In Cosplay

Want to travel to Japan to do an awesome cosplay shoot but then realise you have nowhere to start? Well, thanks to a new travel agency Cosplan, that annoying little problem has now been eliminated.

Cosplan is a travel agency based in Japan who specialise in tours called a ‘Cosplay Camp’ where a group of 7 people or more can choose from preset location packages. What this means is that if you wanted to shoot inside a gymnasium, they’ll give you a choice from a set of 6 or so gyms until you find one that suits your needs.

Kokoro’s Basketball, anyone?

All the permits and lodging arrangements are taken care of for you so you can just get down and do what you do best. Sometimes as well as the location you’re shooting at, Cosplan will also throw in some bonus areas such as the beach, BBQ area or maybe just another spot that will also suit your photoshoot.

Cosplan follows the rules of cosplay to the letter so that means no military uniforms, except in the case of Hetalia, and no Police or firefighter outfits allowed. Also no overtly sexual posing of any kind is allowed as well as having no dangerous props, you don’t want to lose an eye now, do you?

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