Doraemon Banned In Bangladesh

In surprising news today, we hear that the loveable, blue robot cat, Doraemon, has been banned in Bangladesh. The reason being given is that youngsters watching the Hindi dubbed anime are having difficulties learning their native tongue of Bengali.


Hasanul Haque Inu, the Information Minister, announced on Friday, during a Parliament session, that an official order had gone out to television stations broadcasting Doraemon to stop immediately and take it off the air. He said, “The government doesn’t want children’s educational atmosphere to be hampered by Doraemon.”

The ban has come about after several local publications were worried that the show featured the characters speaking in Hindi instead of the local Bengali which they believed would cause problems and learning difficulties with young children. Shahriar Alam, a ruling party lawmaker, laid down thew law recently saying that foreign cartoons should only be allowed to air if they were dubbed in Bengali.

PS. Thanks to Japandaman reader, Laura, for submitting this story.

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