First Class Capsule Hotel For Akihabara

First Class Capsule Hotel For Akihabara

If you’ve ever paid a trip to Japan on a tight budget, you may have stayed in, or possibly though about, a capsule hotel. These are exactly what they sound like, a tiny shoe box which you slide into and have just enough room to roll from side to side. Not really designed with the claustrophobic in mind.

capsule hotel

That’s all about to change now with a hotel chain launching their first class, capsule venture called, ‘First Cabin’. This is actually their second foray into Tokyo but their first in Akihabara where after some late night Otaku shopping, it would be easy to miss your last Yamanote line train and be left stranded.

first class capsule
First Class Capsule

The hotel is marketing this as a compact hotel instead of a capsule hotel and judging from the images, they look cozy and far more comfortable than a traditional capsule hotel.

capsule layout

There are two styles of rooms offered, first up is the First class cabin, 4.2 sq. meter (approx. 45 sq. feet) which will set you back ¥4,800 to 5,900 for an overnight stay. The other option is the Business class cabin, 2.5 sq. meter (approx. 27 sq. feet) which will cost ¥4,500 to 4,900 to stay in overnight.

business class capsule
Business Class Capsule

The following services are also offered with your stay while the Wi-Fi is free of charge.

capsule services

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