Butler Cafe In Nagoya Sees Lots Of Interest

Butler Cafe In Nagoya Sees Lots Of Interest

Butler cafes aren’t a new thing in Japan with the first one opening in 2006, may people thinking they wouldn’t last but like everything that’s cool and different in Japan, they managed to find their niche market.

Recently a tweet hit the Twitterverse regarding a new butler cafe that was to be opened in Nagoya.

butler tweet


When translated, it says “A butler cafe called “Butler’s House” will open in Nagoya. I went to their home page and it’s interesting. Their wanted page says applicants in their teens and twenties can not be a butler. They can only be a footman, a doorman or be a supporting cast. All butlers will be in their thirties to fifties. Who can be happy about this? ME!!!”

This post was retweeted by other people 11,396 times by the 1st of March while the official Twitter page has garnered over 8000 followers. People wishing to apply also need to have experience in the hospitality industry and food business. They’re also looking at hiring women but not in the style of Moe or Akihabara maid cafes. They’re looking at the female applicants to be at least over 50 years of age while one of the primary responsibilities will be to look after the children of the guests.

There is anticipation that the cafe will be a hit with the burgeoning ‘otome’ audience, otome meaning maidens. This will be a place where women can get together and leave the real world hassles behind as they’re waited on hand and foot. This should also do something towards helping Japan’s unemployment in the mature age bracket. Check out the official page of the site and sign up for the newsletter so it shows them that people are interested ti help them succeed.

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