Want To Rent A Bullet Train For A Whole Day?

Yep, you read that right. Thanks to JR Kita Kyushuu who are now holding a contest in Japan where the lucky winner will be able to ‘rent’ a shinkansen for a whole day.

shinkansen day1

The competition is called “DREAM Kyusyuu Shinkansen (DREAM Kyushuu Bullet Train)” and to enter, participants need to write down what their dream is if they had a bullet train for a day. The lucky winner will be able to invite 350 friends to go along for the ride as the train travels from Hakata to Central Kagoshima utilising JR Kyusyuu. The competition will also grant expenses up to $US5000 to help make the winner’s dream come true.

The Shinkansen waiting to be won!
The Shinkansen waiting to be won!

So far for some of the entries, there’s been “dream wedding on train”, “a long awaited family trip”, “turn the bullet train into a club”, “a dinner with a table as long as the length of the train”, “to have Real Escape Game on train” and “to operate Train Conductor Cafe“.

March 29 is the deadline for the end of this competition so if you’re living in Japan, have a go and good luck!

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