Kyary Endorses Wine Brand

Kyary Endorses Wine Brand

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is certainly one busy young lady of late. Not content with undertaking her first world tour, Kyary has taken some time out to have her first alcoholic beverage sponsorship contract now that she’s come of age and all.

She was yesterday announced as the brand ambassador of yellow tail Pink Moscato wine, a nice drop from Australia that is sold by Sapporo in Japan. She also mentioned that Pink Moscato was the first alcoholic drink she tried when turned 20 last year. The whole thing came as a surprise to her, where she said, “But it feels like YATTA! And it made me happy!”

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As a result of the deal, there will be a strong marketing campaign kicking off today showing Kyary with what appears to be a crown which will be seen on train billboards, commercials aimed at commuters and other assorted billboard signage. You might think that it’s a strange pairing, Kyary with wine, but it was put down to both her music and video clip being intoxicating that gave her the edge.

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