Super Mario AR Cards Details

Super Mario AR Cards Details

Nintendo held one of their popular Nintendo Direct broadcasts yesterday during which they showed the new Super Mario AR cards that’ll be available soon. The prepaid cards will be hitting Japan on April 23rd with no confirmation of other regions as yet.


The card will differ in value ranging from ¥1000, ¥2000 and ¥3000 with different characters available on the cards. The software that you’ll need to interact with these cards, called  “Isshoni Photo” which translates as “take a picture together”, will be made for download from the eShop using a QR code that will come packages with the card. The big difference between these AR cards and the ones that ship with your 3DS is that these cards will allow the characters to interact with each other as well as give you the ability to take these characters to different locations with you. You’ll also be able to recreate familiar in-game animations from the Mario Universe.

Walkthrough video of how it’ll work, looks pretty cool!

The three characters available at launch will be  Goomba, Mario and Princess Peach with Koopa Troopa, Luigi and Bowser confirmed as coming later on at the same price system as the first three. No date when they’ll be released though as yet.

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