Japan Self-Defence Forces Using Anime Style Recruiting Posters

The Tokushima Base of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces have famously used anime styled recruitment posters in the past to gain attention. Ranging from the 2010 poster which was drawn by the local studio in the area, Ufotable, responsible for Fate/Zero, Tales of Symphonia and Kara no Kyoukai – the Garden of sinners.

2010 jsdf poster
2010 JSDF poster

For the 2011 and 2012 recruitment drive, they used posters designed by officers from the JSDF themselves, clearly a talented bunch of people. And now in 2013, the new posters have been released which appear to have been designed by one of the officers again as a name of the designer wasn’t supplied. They are really eye-catching though having three females on the posters wearing the different uniforms of the JSDF, the land, sea and air defences.

2011 jsdf poster
2011 JSDF poster

Over on the official site, it does mention that, “The real female JSDF officers are much cooler than this. There are various types of jobs in JSDF, you will definitely be able to find something can change you. If you want to change yourself, please check the nearest JSDF office in Tokushima. Now is the time to challenge!”

2012 jsdf poster
2012 JSDF poster


2013 jsdf poster
2013 JSDF poster
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