Live Action “Madoka Magica” Fan Film

A decent short fan film around anime, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” with some amazing level of detail in the costumes, great visual effects and locales that fit the action has recently hit the interwebs.

It was produced by Ray Lum, a cosplay photographer, directed by Trevor Tse Studios and also featuring a handful of cosplayers who have all put together a great tribute to a popular series. You can have a look at the short below along with some cosplay photographs. Underneath the photos, you’ll be able to find a credits list as well as links to the people involved so you can Facebook stalk them, you know, if that’s your kind of thing.

[AFG_gallery id=’221′]

Directed by Trevor Tse Studios:

Produced by Ray Lum Costography:…

Feature Guests:
-Homura: VickyBunnyAngel
-Mami: Jelly King

-Madoka: Kurai Hisaki
-Sayaka: Kitsurie Yuki
-Kyouko: Yume Ka

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