Project X Zone For Western Release Dated

Project X Zone For Western Release Dated

This next bit of news is particularly exciting for me as I love this game and was lucky enough to have played it at Tokyo Game Show 2012. The coming together of three of Japan’s heavyweights in Sega, Namco Bandai and Capcom in one game for the Nintendo 3DS, with their extensive roster of characters is an exciting proposition.

The game now has a release date set for North America and that date is June 25th so make sure you lock that in your calendars. Below is a description of the game from Namco Bandai’s website and a trailer beneath that.

“The ancient treasure called the “Portalstone” has been stolen and a rift in time and space has allowed crossovers from various universes. The ambitions of various people, organizations and creatures have become intertwined, turning this incident into a great source of turmoil. The past, future, and even distant worlds from other dimensions have been drawn into what will be become a long journey for our heroes.”

A quick check on the EB Games Australian website show this following release date. One week after USA, not bad, unlike the wait we have to endure for Fire Emblem on 3DS.

project x zone release

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