AR Cards For Detective Conan 3DS

Seems like those 3DS AR cards that Nintendo announced during their recent Nintendo Direct broadcast are starting to pick up momentum with the news that another title will also be utilising their own AR cards.

Detective Conan: Marionette Symphony, which is a title that probably will never see the light of day outside Japan, will be using AR cards to project a mini Conan onto a surface who will be able to give you gameplay tips and guide you along the way. The story revolves around an accomplished sleuth who after drinking poison reverts back to a child.

Conan 3DS

The AR Conan will be able to assist you by giving advice depending on what the mission is or what the objective is that needs to be met to complete a level. Seems pretty nifty if you ask us. With the Mario AR cards and now Detective Conan, are we seeing a new gameplay technique on the horizon?

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