Anime Meets Public Transport In Japan

Anime Meets Public Transport In Japan

Anime is such a huge industry but especially in Japan where it appeals across all ages and not just the younger fans. It has such a huge impact that whenever studios need to promote a new season, a new anime or just anything to do with it, they usually look to advertising on public transport. Given the huge volume of people who would see the ad, it’s no wonder why.

This week in particular, around Akihabara train station, you’ll be able to catch ads for the 5th Yamato 2199 compilation, while in the prefecture of Okayama also known as the home area of Naruto author, Masashi Kishimoto, you can catch ads for Naruto. On the Fuji Kyuko line the cars, will be receiving a model train reproductions after running Evangelion promotions for all of January.

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