Scandal Has Future Plans With Robot

J-Pop foursome, Scandal, have just revealed their future plans for a collaboration of a different kind. They’re going to launch a collaboration with a robot on a new project called, ‘Robot・Scandal‘.


From the commercial facility, Grand Front Osaka, they will send out new contents bound for the rest of the world. This begins in Osaka on April 26 from the Umekita district. Jointly with a robot designed by Takahashi Tomotaka and named Robi, they will be creating a new song and dance MV to go along with it. In late July, at the same venue, the girls will be performing the song live.

Member RINA had the following statement on her blog,

I think Osaka will become an even greater city. There are many people who move to Tokyo in order to make their dreams come true, but I’m certain that Osaka will become an area overflowing with chances. I was born in Osaka, raised in Nara, and made a band in Osaka. It will always be a special place. I want it to always be a lively city.

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