AKB48 Takeover Tokyo Auto Salon, Singapore

AKB48 Takeover Tokyo Auto Salon, Singapore

We recently ran a story about AKB48 being present for the opening of the event along with a performance to kick things off. Today, AFA posted pictures of the performance along with the setlist they used. By all accounts, it was a very fast show with one song after another over the course of an hour, performing 11 songs in all, taking the encore into account. The 500 strong crowd stormed the area around the stage to show their appreciation.


M00 Overture
M01 Heavy Rotation
M02 Everyday, Katyusha
M03 Aitakatta
M04 Manatsu no Sounds Good
M05 So long!
MC Self intro
M06 Flying get
M08 Gingam Check
M09 First Rabbit
M10 Tenohira ga katarukoto
EN1 Heavy Rotation

[AFG_gallery id=’231′]

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