Japan To Get First 4D Cinema

Japan To Get First 4D Cinema

We’ve seen 2D movies for years and for the past few, we’ve been experiencing the wave of 3D movies but now Japan is going to up the ante with the opening of the first 4D cinema.

The cinema will employ the 4DX System which utilise humidity, strobes, aromas, motion, bubbles plus other audio-visual stimulation. The cinema us being launched by the chain of cinemas called Korona World in Nagoya City on April 26. The seats in the cinema have the ability to be programmed with motion control to replicate what’s happening on the screen. The audience will also be able to experience wind and light effects as well as different scents.


These are conveyed via a panel situated at the front of the audience which is able to control the lights, sounds, aromas and more. they’ll have 1000 scents at their disposal to create the illusion of being part of the movie. The ceiling has various machines attached to it which can reproduce bubbles which can gently float down to the audience.

A spokesperson from Korona World had the following statement, “With the 4DX system, we can stimulate all five senses, allowing movie-goers a personal connection with the film. We think this will be a completely new way of enjoying movies. We are hoping customers will be able to feel a realism that enhances the excitement and wonderfulness of movies.”

The first movie that will be screened in the cinema will be the upcoming “Iron Man 3”.

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