Trailer For Level-5’s Youkai Watch

Trailer For Level-5’s Youkai Watch

Level-5 will have a new game coming out for the Nintendo 3DS on the 11th of July in Japan. Youkai Watch, or Ghost Watch, will be released for retail purchase and via the eShop if you’re a fan of the digital download.

In the game, you’ll have the option of selecting either a boy or girl to represent you in the game. The boy is named Keeta while the girl is known as Fumi, they’ll both fight against ghosts and collect them. Sounds a bit like Pokemon, yes? The Youkai Watch in the game will allow you to utilise it allowing you to meet other ghosts in the game. It’s such a beautiful looking game with the usual Level-5 flair, the visuals are extremely fluid and a joy to watch.

Sounds like a unique and interesting game, as yet there is no Western release but fingers crossed it graces our fair shores.

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