Evangelion 3.33 Receives Home Release

Japan is only a few days away from the release of Evangelion 3.33 on April 24 for the home market on DVD and Blu Ray. The Blu Ray edition will set you back ¥6,090 while the DVD will cost ¥5,985.


No matter which edition you have your eye on, neither comes with English subtitles although a cool addition is the tokusatsu, ‘God Warrior Attacks Tokyo, which is actually an homage to the works from Studio Ghibli. The disc does come with Linear PCM 5.1 and Linear PCM 2.0 tracks with Japanese subtitles for beefy sounds.

If you’re lucky enough to purchase a first edition of the movie, you’ll be getting the OST which includes the theme track while the standard releases will ship with a box and a booklet. Included on the movie disc are the Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33 film, previews, a script, TV CM’s and a trailer

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