Meal Ordering Receives Upgrade On JAL

Japan Airlines or JAL, has had a nifty new feature added to their fleet Boeing 777-300ER Sky Suite aircraft. Passengers are now able to order their meal directly from the touchscreen in front of them or their handy remote control. This service is available to people flying in the Business class section. Apart from their meals, they’re also able to order duty free items and drinks as well.

Normal ordering for the first meal is still available as usual on the international flights but after that, you’re able to utilise the new feature. As of writing, the service is operating on the flights between Tokyo and London but the service, called the Anytime You Wish service, is looking at extending to the flight paths to Europe and North America.

The touchscreen will carry images and descriptions of the food and you can order as late as 90 minutes before the plane lands. Premium Economy and Economy won’t have access to the means and drinks service but they can also browse duty free items from their seats.

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