Cosplay Game Around Japanese Theme Park

Cosplay Game Around Japanese Theme Park

Japanese creator team known as, PK Theater, have already shown they are extremely capable by putting together the PSYCHO-PASS Hands-On game. So much so that they’ve been invited to try their hand at another series. The new one they’ll be working will be based around Hakuouki for the amusement park in Japan called Toshimaen. This will tie in with the promotions for the upcoming movie in the Summer based on the series.


The game for many players is called “Hakuouki: Toshimaen Riot” which will involve participants to scour the park helping out Saitou in locating pieces of the Hijikata’s Haiku book as it’s been broken and the pieces scattered throughout the grounds. What is a twist however is that players will be allowed to cosplay as they take part in the game. You cant cosplay as you come to and from the grouns but you can change into your gear on-site in the provided changing rooms. There’s also no filming allowed, no prop weapons with the exception of katanas. They do also provide katanas for you but you have to ensure that you’re not waving around so you don’t hurt anyone.

This all kicks off on May 3rd but how cool would it be to have at some of the conventions here in Australia!

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