Japanese Fans Voice Opinions To Tiger & Bunny English Dub

Japanese Fans Voice Opinions To Tiger & Bunny English Dub

Tiger & Bunny is a show that has built a loyal fanbase since premiering in Japan and airing on a weekly basis. The other day, on April 20th, the very first episode aired again but with a difference. It had Japanese subtitles and English voices dubbed over it. This aired on the Bandai channel and at least 5000 tuned in to watch it.

The show in this new format will continue to be aired on a weekly schedule while at the conclusion of each show, there will be a short features explaining some of the behind the scenes action and how the voices are dubbed.

Some of the fans reactions can be seen below.

“English really matches the American comic style of the art”

“It’s not as hard to understand it! Maybe because I already memorized the Japanese script”

“I want to learn English with Tiger & Bunny

“I can see that they paid extra attention to preserve the feel of Japanese original script and I really appreciate it”

“Noth American version is really cool, but I still feel it’s different”

tiger-bunny 1

“Kotestu is speaking English!!”

“They could have kept the conversation between Kotesu and Kaede in Japanese and have English subtitles since they are supposed to be Japanese”

“Kotesu’s voice sounds little too high”

“Just because he is speaking in English, Kotesu sounds smarter”

“I was hoping to hear Johnny Depp’s voice (since Hirata Hiroaki, the voice of Kotetsu, does voice over of Depp)

tiger-bunny 2

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