My Neighbour Totoro Receiving Origami Set

My Neighbour Totoro Receiving Origami Set

My Neighbour Totoro is one of the most loved movies to come out of Studio Ghibi with its story on childhood innocence and fantasy that viewers can related to.

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Ensky, the Japanese pop culture retailer seems to agree as today saw the release of a special origami set that when put together gives you your very own slice of this loved movie. The set will come packaged with Totoro’s in dwarf, medium and large sizes, the Kusakabe family house and the very famous, iconic Catbus. The set will also come with printed paper emblazoned with images of Totoro and susuwatari spirits. The obligatory instructions will come included as well as a box which doubles as a display stand.

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The set has a great price with a ¥840 price tag. For more info and a video, you can check out the Ensky site.

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