Perfume Shows Jacket Covers For Magic Of Love Single

J-Pop electro girl group, Perfume have given fans something to look forward to by showing the three variations of the jacket covers that will be used in their upcoming single, “Magic of Love.


The single releases on May 22nd and their will be two versions will be available in standard and limited edition. The limited edition cover will feature the ladies standing next to each other wearing dresses that match the background they’re standing up against. The dresses will be carrying a retro feel to them. The standard edition will feature the group with blank expressions, almost like dolls.

Perfume - Magic of Love - regular edition
Perfume – Magic of Love – regular edition
Perfume - Magic of Love - limited edition
Perfume – Magic of Love – limited edition


At the moment, Magic of Love, is being used as the CM (Commercial Message) for Kanro’s ‘Pure Gummy‘. The track will also be featuring in the morning program, ‘Sukkiri!‘ from NTV. Don’t forget that this Summer will also see the girls touring around France, Germany and the UK in their first European tour. And proving just how popular the girls are out of Japan, their London show sold out in 2 hours.

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