AKB48 Starlet About To Drop Debut Single

AKB48 Starlet About To Drop Debut Single

Kuramochi Asuka is one of the many idols that makes up the Japanese super girl group, AKB48, she’s also another one of the growing idols who’s about to release her debut solo single.


The single which is currently without a name is due to be released on May 29th. Her single is being released as part of the winnings for taking out the “AKB no Gachiuma 2 Revenge”, an event where she had to call the G1 horse race. The regular edition of the cd will also come with a DVD which contains the film clip to the track as well as making-of video. There will also be five unique “One Coin” editions which will retail for ¥500.

The “One Coin” edition covers were shot by 5 different magazines, being “Young Champion“, “FRIDAY“, “B.L.T.“, “Weekly Playboy“, and “Weekly Big Comic Spirits“. These edition are also part of a contest known as “Jacket 1 GP”, this will see the five magazines face off against each other to see who can attain the highest CD sales. Fans are also included with this as they can try and predict who will win. The ballot where they can vote will be included with the CD. The winner of this will have won the “right to go see the horse racing with Kuramochi Asuka”.

You can check out the different covers below. Which one do you like best?

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