Sega Collaborates To Release Segakawaii Goods

Sega has collaborated with apparel label, “galaxxxy” to release a brand new range of accessories and clothes called, “Segakawaii”, where they have taken Sega’s well known products and given them an overhaul. The goods hit the streets of Japan a few days ago on April 25th aimed at the female Sega fan.

segakawaii logo
Such an awesome logo!


Dreamcast backpack - ¥13,869
Dreamcast backpack – ¥13,869


Dreamcast t-shirt - ¥4,725
Dreamcast t-shirt – ¥4,725


Megadrive tank top - ¥4,724
Megadrive tank top – ¥4,724

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for more cool stuff.

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