Lacoste teams up with Tezuka for clothes collection

Lacoste teams up with Tezuka for clothes collection

Fashion label, Lacoste, will be bringing out a range of clothes dedicated to Osamu Tezuka, the “God of Manga”, and creator of one of the most iconic characters, Astro Boy.

The fashion house worked with Hiroaki Ohya, a Japanese designer, to showcase some of his work on polo tops, t-shirts and footwear as well. The artwork will be celebrating  Black Jack and The Mysterious Underground Man for the Spring & Summer, Astro Boy, Crime and Punishment during Autumn & Winter, Jungle Emperor Leo and Phoenix.

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 Designer, Ohya-san explains, “When I was asked to work on this collaboration, I immediately recalled of a quote from 201 Words That Help You to Open Up a Path to the Future, which Osamu Tezuka published in 2005’, humans have had three dreams since the dawn of time. One is flight, another is transformation and the last is communicating with animals and nature”.

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