Otakus make up 42% of Japan

Otakus make up 42% of Japan

A recent poll in Japan of over 130,000 people to determine if the considered themselves an Otaku, yielded an answer which we probably all knew. 42% of respondents answered with a resounding yes.


When asked about areas that they were passionate about, answers ranged from seiyuu to games, soaps and more. The gender breakdown was 38.1% women and 45.7% of men owning up to being otakus. The rest of the breakdown is below:

Teens: 62.0%
Twenties: 55.6%
Thirties: 46.4%
Forties: 44.8%
Fifties: 36.7%
Sixties: 26.9%
Seventies: 23.1%
Eighties: 23.3%

To some people in Japan, the word “otaku” carries negative connotations with it with the general stereotype being young anime males. What about you, Japandas? What makes you an Otaku?

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