AKB48 changes member lineup

AKB48 changes member lineup

April 28 marked the final day of “AKB48 Group Rinji Soukai ~Shiro Kuro Tsukeyoujanaika!~“, the 4 day concert event which saw AKB48 and their sister groups appear on stage to perform shows for their eager fans.

Close to the end of the show, Togasaki Tomonobu, the general manager of the AKB48 theater had some announcements to make or as he called it, “the personnel changes for spring.” The changes were pertaining to cancellations of a concurrent post for some members, the promotion of some Kenkyuusei (trainee idols) and the appointing of some members to different posts. HKT48 received a shake up with the news that member, Sashihara Rino,  would also be the general manger for HKT48 theater along with current manager, Ozaki Atsushi.

More excitingly, the news broke of AKB48’s upcoming dome tour which will kick off in July and finish up in August, this sent the crowd of 11,000 into raptures of happiness. The announcement was made by none other than Inose Naoki, the Governor of Tokyo. Below, you’ll be able to see the changes that have been made to the AKB48 stable.

【Promoted members】
Hirata Rina → Team K
Sasaki Yukari → Team A
Omori Miyuu → Team B

【Cancellation of concurrent posts】
Kitahara Rie → only in AKB team K
Yokoyama Yui → only in AKB team A
Ishida Anna → only in SKE team KII
Kotani Riho → only in NMB team N

【Appointment of concurrent posts】
Oba Mina → both in AKB team B and SKE team KII
Ichikawa Miori → both in AKB team B and NMB team N
Furuhata Nao → both in SKE team E and AKB team K
Yagura Fuuko → both in NMB team M and AKB team A
Kodama Haruka → both in HKT team H and AKB team A

Miyazawa Sae → both in SNH and AKB team K
Suzuki Mariya → both in SNH and AKB team A
Takajo Aki → both in JKT and AKB team B

Sashihara Rino → HKT team H and HKT48 theater manager

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