Nico Nico Chokaigi 2013 Part 3: Hatsune Miku Special

Nico Nico Chokaigi 2013 Part 3: Hatsune Miku Special

We take another look today at another aspect of the Nico Nico Chokaigi held on the weekend. We’ve seen cosplayers and itasha that were on display and now it’s another Japanese cultural phenomenon. The most popular Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku. Let’s not forget that  Hatsune made her first big impact at Nico Nico Douga so it only makes sense that she have a large presence at the show.

Quite a few companies were using Hatsune to promote their products while just as many others were selling her goods at their booths. There were also heaps of itasha decked with Miku at the “ItaG Fest Shucchou-hen in Nico Nico Chokaigi 2.”

*all the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu

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Part 1: cosplayers

Part 2: itasha

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