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Japan software & hardware weekly sales charts 22/4/13 – 28/4/13

I’ve decided to change the name of this weekly post as between this, the weekly music charts and the weekly anime music charts with the occasional Japan box office report. So from now on, the weekly charts on gaming will be known as the “software & hardware weekly sales charts”. Now with that bit of administration out of the way, let’s get down to some reporting on gaming sales.

Topping the software chart is Tomodachi: New Life for the Nintendo 3DS selling through with 145,000 units. The previous number one game, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, is still doing good business with 38,884 units shifted. With hardware though, Nintendo isn’t doing as strongly with the Wii U selling only 8,262 consoles which only put it slightly ahead of the 9 year old Sony PSP.


The Nintendo 3DS is still on top of the hardware charts, the PS Vita is doing better than last week selling 21,399 units as compared to last week’s figure of 15,011 units which puts it in 2nd place. However when you combine the sales od the 3DS LL and the standard 3DS, the PS Vita is still far behind Nintendo’s handheld.

Have a look at the charts below and see how your favourites are doing.

Software chart

  1. [3DS] Tomodachi Collection: New Life
  2. [PS3] Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen
  3. [3DS] Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
  4. [PS3] Tomb Raider
  5. [PS3] Steins;Gate: Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram
  6. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  7. [PSV] Photo Kano Kiss
  8. [PSP] Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Portable
  9. [PS3] Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
  10. [PS3] BioShock Infinite

Hardware chart

  1. Nintendo 3DS LL – 37,536 (57,089)
  2. PlayStation Vita – 21,399 (15,011)
  3. Nintendo 3DS – 17,897 (18,833)
  4. PlayStation 3 – 14,682 (13,915)
  5. Wii U – 8,262 (8,798)
  6. PSP – 7,536 (7,816)
  7. Wii – 1,660 (1,379)
  8. Xbox 360 – 490 (515)
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