Annual talent power rankings are in

Annual talent power rankings are in

It’s time to take a quick look at the annual Talent Power rankings for Japan. This is published in the Nikkei Entertainment magazine and this year the power house of AKB48 took a small stumble from the number one position.

The J-Pop electro trio of Perfume snagged the top position with Momoiro Clover Z taking the second spot. AKB48 managed to claw back the third spot. The listings were published in the June edition of the magazine which came out on May 2nd. Have a look at the list below, were any of your favourites in there?

1 Perfume
2 Momoiro Clover Z
3 AKB48
4 Morning Musume
5 SKE48
6 Nogizaka 46
7 NMB48
8 HKT48
9 Fairies
10 Berryz Kobo
11 Smileage
12 Flower
13 Happiness
14 Sphere

The survey is carried out by Architect Co., Ltd., an independent marketing research firm. Their process involved assigning a “talent power score” to the 1251 contestants followed by two separate criteria. The first one being familiarity in that, if the people completing the survey were able to identify the artist from a picture and name them, and secondly, the interest level, meaning if the respondents would be interested in seeing, hearing more and finding out more of said artist.

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