Crypton show new Vocaloid Kamui, maybe?

Crypton show new Vocaloid Kamui, maybe?

Crypton Future Media are the creator behind some very popular Vocaloid stars, not least among them, Hatsune Miku. They recently took the covers off a new star to join their stable whose purpose is to promote Crypton’s home area of Hokkaido.

The new Vocaloid in the making is called Kamui Kitano and her purpose will be to promote the area’s promotions and products. Like all good characters, she also has a back story to go along with her. She currently works for an ailing company, with a CEO in poor health,  in a dire financial situation while she yearns to perform at the Sapporo Dome Arena.

You can help her realise her dream with the aid of social media by giving her a Like. If there’s enough interest, Crypton will follow through and make her a full Vocaloid to join the others. She needs 30,000 Likes and as of writing this article, she only had just over 2,200, so spread the word and get Liking! Her chance to become a Vocaloid finishes on October 31st.

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