Japan receives shooter Ketsui for PS3

Japan receives shooter Ketsui for PS3

Developer, Cave, have given the Japanese gaming public a treat by announcing that they will be releasing the vertical shooter, Ketsui, on the PS3. The game was released in the arcades back in 2003 and will seeing a new release with a bonus Extra mode and some other bundled attractions.

The game will have an option to allow gamers to tilt the playing screen which will serve up a more faithful aspect ratio. For the hardcore, there’s also the option for anti-aliasing and also the option to customise the gameplay. The game will ship with a Blu Ray disc which includes play through video of a perfect run through Ketsui. The footage was recorded from the arcade cabinet in 2003.

A 2 disc soundtrack will also be included containing tracks that can be heard in the Extra mode as having the original game converted to stereo. The pack will be available in a limited edition and standard version, the limited set will retail for ¥10,290 while the standard set will cost ¥7,140.

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