K-Pop idol worldwide poll results

K-Pop idol worldwide poll results

A survey recently wrapped up, started by CJ E&M, in an effort to find the most popular K-Pop idol as judged by their fans around the world. The survey was called ‘The K-pop artist you like the most‘ which was conducted between April 4th to April 21. The survey took 20 popular K-Pop idols that had released a single in 2013 and the question was asked with a total of 73,809 votes coming back in.


INFINITE-H took the top spot garnering 41.1% of the votes while SM’s Girls’ Generation came second with 17.3% and also from SM, boyband SHINee claiming the third spot with 13.1 of the votes. Taiwan, Thailand, and China were the countries where INFINITE-H had the most of their votes, Brazil and Mexico was where Girls’ Generation had the vest reception while SHINee had the best results in Russia, Spain, and Italy.


Overall, Taiwan had the largest number of votes across the board while Poland came second. The Unites States sad the third largest turnout with the voters.

Girls’ Generation

CJ E&M released the following statement, “It turned out that artists are popular in countries according to national trends, and whether or not the artist had promoted in their country. The data shows that having overseas concerts and international marketing helps with their popularity.

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