Hatsune Miku slides into the arcades

Hatsune Miku has recently been making waves for appearing in a new rhythm based game for the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony PS3 following a stellar turnout on the PS Vita.

Now we hear that the fun will continue into the arcades when Hatsune makes her presence known in the game, Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade Future Tone. Naturally being an arcade game, this version will have a higher polygon count and far more detailed textures in-game.

hatsune arcade 1 hatsune arcade 2

But easily one of the biggest changes to the gameplay has been the inclusion of the slide panels on the arcade cabinet itself. The touch panels correspond to a panel on the screen so when you see a matching note, you hit the correct panel. The arcade game will be road tested in Club Sega Akihabara this weekend so if you’re in town, go and check it out.

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